Tax Reform

abril 8, 2014

The first major project of the new Government of Ms. Bachelet is tax reform .

Economic reform to get more money , and so deliver more social benefits to the people.

My personal opinion is that They continue using the same method with outdated vision of increase taxes on people, increasing social differences, without any message of austerity , or want to care tax money improving the management of economic resources .

A tax reform should consider more social equality, more equality in the allocation of salaries, and also that bonuses companies give their executives should be applied in proportion to the salary at all levels of the organization.

The media are spreading where and how they will raise taxes on the new tax reform . However, I still see no contingency to cope with Tax Evasion . Recently in the newspaper El Mercurio published a report with the figures of the Tax System 2012 , where we can see Tax Evasion levels.

–          IVA                                                    20%

–          Utilidades de las Empresas                31%

–          A la Renta de las Personas               46%

140407 mercurio economia 2

Also show us, what was the distribution of government revenue in 2012. These was;

–          45,8% of IVA  (*)

–          41,8% of Income Taxes

–          6,6%  of Liquors  (*)

–          4,9%  of fuels (*)

–          3,4%  of tobacco (*)

–          1,4%  of Legal Acts

–          1,4%  of Foreign Trade

–          0,6%   of Soft Drinks (*)

–          0,4%  of Gaming (*)

–          0,3%  of Legacies and Donations

140407 mercurio economia 1

It is observed that most of these taxes (* ) are paid directly by the people, regardless of their social status. Total account was 61.7 % of tax revenues are paid out from people pocket´s .

We have a different vision, a serious approach on a proposal for Global Financial Reform , to my much more fair and transparent trial . But also considers eradicate totally  tax evasion . we will call this proposed Zakinché  , which can be reviewed on this Posting

Now would be important to know the opinion of people to know which of the two proposals (the government or Zakinché ) is the strongest to deliver a real solution to the economic needs of government, always focused on delivering improved social benefits to people as Health, Safety , Education, etc …

I invite you to Review this survey, discuss and compare your opinion to seek agreements and guide to the leaders to make better decisions .

Questions / Positive Affirmation

  1. The Economic Reform of the New Government of Chile raises fundamental solutions to get resources fairly and get finish the tax evasion, to finance social projects.
  2. The Global Economic Reform published in Zakinché raises fundamental solutions to get resources fairly and get finish the tax evasion, to finance social projects.

In Zakinché you can find people who think like you.

I invite you at all my Latino brothers to review this important topic.




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