Global Economic Reform

mayo 12, 2014

Solidarity, is Not Charity.

Pope Francisco requested a change in the financial system and not think agree more with him. In fact in recent years the Catholic Church has shown a significant change in relation to their approach to society. Now the Pope is encouraging the youth to be agents of change and that is so good.

A Global Financial Reform is the key to solve all social problems. We can improve the tax process to make it fairer and more transparent. We can prevent evasion and make everyone pay their fair share. We can finance the sustainable development of society and eliminate the typical excuses of politicians, “No budget” because the truth is that we have a lot of  money, and we have to get agreements about the projects where to invest.

The main social problems can be solved with a suitable budget.

Improving Health, Education Quality and Decent Work are part of Social Equation that can be balanced with Money. And the problem is not money, but it is how we agree to administer it.

I will describe a simple proposal, but efficient for a “Global Financial Reform”

Surely economists may improve the idea, but my proposal is to solve all problems invented.  Open your Minds and  pay attention, please.

That’s the great about Zakinché, where anyone can make a proposal and put the transparent evaluation of the People. I invite everyone to upload their proposals in a positive direction to get agreements, compare opinions and find out people who think like you.

I appreciate the opportunity to present my proposal for a “Global Economic Reform”, which consists of 2 stages;

1° Forgive

2° Tax Reform

The main objective of the Society is its sustainable development, which should focus on finding and developing the talents of children. A child who is supported from the beginning can be a person of benefit to society, and contribute financially with their taxes for many years. However, a child with no social support can become a big problem and often at too high a cost to society.

Each child can repay all and more than all that society can give. Investing in Education, Health, Work, Love and Respect for our children is the best business you can do society. The Society needs a change today and involves understanding that old strategy of “Prohibit and Repress” should be replaced by “Control and Educate”. This is my proposal;

1° Pardon

perdonar First we must understand that financial reform is possible to do if it is a Global agreement. We need put us in agreements. Isolated efforts are valued but can never give a thorough solution.

Many people have developed their life around illicit subjects, most often cornered by the same society that leaves them no options for development, so we must respect them, forgive them and integrate them.

This is what involves a pardon Globally.

– All persons who have accumulated wealth based on illegal businesses will be forgiven. No more investigation and do not will persecute anyone.

– World Economic Balance è  delete the secret accounts (eg Swiss Banks)

This will take place only once to stabilize the economy.

– Allow and Control the use of drugs è  end of drug trafficking and child drug addiction

– Allow and Control the Prostitution  è  end of Child Prostitution and White Slave Traffic

– Allow and Control all activities within a framework of respect and freedom. This mean take care our children and get more tax revenue to balance the social equation.

History has shown that the strategy of “Restrict and Repress” only creates more social problems. A new strategy based on “Educate and Control” will respect the freedoms of the people, protect children and will raise more taxes.

It really is not about to forgive criminals but rather forgive the past generations. Forgiving Political, Military and forgive our grandparents. Forgive them for not having done something better, but at the same time thankful that they created the way here, knowing that it is our responsibility to finish building the fair society that we all want and that our children and grandchildren deserve.

2° Tax Reform

140415 dinero

It’s amazing the man’s ability to complicate matters, the tax issue is a good example where we see that taxes vary in each country, also depend on the type of industry and there are always various loopholes to avoid taxes legally.  Besides all this mess favors bribery and tax evasion.

A simpler and fairer tax system is needed, and this is the meaning of my proposal for tax reform;

– All companies, and people should pay the same tax basis, as a percentage of their net profit,  with the possibility to deduct VAT.

– The State must make a budget to consider all the necessary basic social spending.

Health, Education, Welfare Benefits.

– Based on that budget Calculate what should be the estimated tax, considering that individuals and companies should be taxed the same percentage of their profits and all  can deduce taxation, demonstrating their expenses, without restriction. Is an single tax base.

– Add an additional tax percentage, which will serve as the control and ensure the reliability of the process.

I’ll explain with an example, in Chile today people pay 19% VAT Tax increasingly they spend their money, however, further people also pay an income tax. All this plus taxes paid by businesses, helps the treasury to pay the salaries of Senators, Representatives, Ministers and all the public administration, but misses to get quality education and health.

If we Consider for the annual budget, Health and Education of Quality , this would raise taxes on 19% maybe 30%, to ensure our goal. However, we must add an additional 10% (for example) to ensure control and be in a total of 40% tax.

With the above not only we solve both problems, but also give them decent jobs and of quality to millions of professionals of the health care and education.

It is likely that with increased tax collection from the people and companies by the less tax evasion and currently illicit activities (Drug Trafficking and Prostitution) the single tax will come down significantly to stabilize at a reasonable range, which? The people who are part of our society and wants to give us their opinion, will determined.

Not so hard to understand,  but it is important that we are all able to agree. That is really important, how we make it happen?

Each creates its own reality, with which makes and what does not as well, but we all create our reality, our society. Change your minds!

I especially invite all the people who follow major religions; Evangelicals, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, etc … to think and reflect.

There are people who believe that God will help us.

Many believe that the system of political administration will solve soon our social problems.

Others think that with protests, riots and even terrorism will change something.

None of the above. The only solution is to seek agreements based on a positive approach. I invite you to use Social Zakinché platform as a tool for finding agreements and boosting social improvements and changes needed to achieve the objective: “To find and develop the talent of Children”, for which we must change “Restrict and Repress” by “Educate and Control”

Together can turn the Vicious Circle into a Virtuous Circle

Pope Francisco requested a change in the financial system. Now I ask the Pope and all the religious leaders for share with us their opinions on this proposal and assess it on Zakinché .

I invite you to enter and review Zakinché directly so we can see how we agree with this positive proposal. A Hug …

– Review the Global Financial Reform Proposal and Review the Survey Zakinché

– Compare the Tax Reform of the Government with the Alternative Proposal  Review the Survey Zakinché

– How it Works Zakinché

I do not want your money or your charity. I want your opinion serious and responsible.

About how we create today the future for our children and grandchildren.

Without hatred, without violence, only with the opinions orderly of the people.

Think about it.



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